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This isn’t an overly skeptical story, but it’s about tech and tech is cool.

Today I was browsing ye ol’ Interwebz and I came across a really cool story. Swinburne University in Melbourne are developing a new network administration tool that is bound to make their industry a whole lot more fun!

They are using the Quake 3 open source engine to create a visualization of network usage and activity! The project, named L3DGEWorld, will allow the user to walk through their network interacting with specific computers and files. They will be able to enforce firewall quarantines by shooting certain files and computers as well as, through bouncing objects and varying colours, tell how a node is operating.

I think one of the coolest things about this program is the virus scan functions. When a virus scan is made a ripple of energy can be seen traveling through the 3D world and washing over files like a shock wave. Imagine quietly tinkering away on a particular PC only to turn around and be faced by a huge slovenly worm virus, then having to blast it into oblivion. Sounds like some fun for a usually boring job filled with changing numbers, letters and black DOS screens.

Chicky check it out.


back to school

It’s nearly that time of year again! It’s time for that inevitable trudge back through the snow and sleet of an Australian summer to our place of learning of choice. Back to school for us youthful folk (and some older folk too). Unlike many youngsters I am very excited to be heading back. There are many things to try, absorb and learn and we should all be keen to get back into it! I know this sounds nerdy but what can be more cool and rewarding than knowledge.

I have very few regrets, but one I do hold however, is that I do not have unlimited time to study. We can’t stay students forever (and still be a responsible member of society). Over the past few years I have had a growing passion for science (this is obvious if you have been reading my blog) and I wish that I could pursue a science related occupation someday. While upholding and crusading for the laws of the W3C is an admirable job (I am currently training as a web developer) there is something so tempting and sexy about science and logical thinking.

For all those people who are in a science based course I truly envy you. And for all of us who are not lets take a leaf out of our sciency brethren’s book and promise to be honest with ourselves this year and think skeptically! Question your teachers when you think it is warranted, question yourselves and question your peers! Lets make this school year a particularly productive one for young people thinking skeptically.

Good luck with your studies everyone.

p.s Keep an eye out this year for the Young Australian Skeptics site that I will be building. 🙂