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Good old Hillsong Evangelical Church never fails to disappoint with hilarious antics. Recently a pastor for Hillsong Evangelical Church claimed he was diagnosed with “a quite aggressive form of cancer” and that it inspired him (with the help of the G.O.D) to write a hit evangelical pop song. It has come to light that he is a filthy lying con artist when it was found he had fabricated the cancer story. Isn’t lying a sin or something? I thought that good christians were above this sort of act. Oh well, seems yet again we get to have a good chuckle at the expense of hypocrisy.

This isn’t a full post, I just found this interesting and humourous.



    • adrea
    • Posted August 22, 2008 at 4:23 pm
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    it is extremely easy to sit where you are and type on your keyboard about how much you disapprove but how little you do know. millions will testify against your accusations against the hypocrisy hillsong church… it was one mans sin not an entire church..Only God judges

  1. Hey Adrea thanks for taking the time to type your opinion on my blog.

    Why would people testify against my accusations? Because it is indoctrinated in them to do so? Or because I am wrong? If I am wrong, why?

    I would suggest you read my blog post about Gloria Jeans Coffee shop and its relation to Hillsong. I’m not really sure what you mean by “Only God Judges”, I am judging you right now, as well as your church.


  2. Since religious people claim to already know the “absolute truth”, they think it’s their job to defend it. Religion isn’t an ongoing process like science. It’s not getting any “thruthier” or more “absolute”. Religion is simply about faith and loyalty to a cause. It’s politics. Sounds like the perfect breeding ground for honest people.

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