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Today I was browsing Homologous Legs and found an interesting link.

Oooh, The Atheist Experience (blog link)

I said, clearly impressed.

I then clicked on the link kindly provided by Mr Naontiotami and waited while the site loaded. A few seconds went by and the anticipation of more logical content had my juices flowing wildly (gross).

Yes, here it comes!

I exclaimed (in my mind of course, as I was in the library and people would of thought it strange that I was so excited by a particular website).

I sat on my chair dismayed moments later when I was faced with this screen.

Double You Tee Eff!

I didn’t expect a site regarding atheism to be banned by the tafe but, alas, it was. I was about to close the window and move on when I looked towards the bottom of the page and noticed this!

The warning signs to the onset of unstoppable rage set in as my eyes scanned the screen time and again. Occult. What the flying FUCK. The first image that came to my mind was some barry bowl cut blonde haired bible basher (alliteration, awesome) sitting at his computer at head office sucking on his cross and stroking his tiny IQ/epeen thinking he has won another battle for jebus by blocking atheist content from students.

I quickly googled “Christian” and clicked on the first couple of sites that came up. They all loaded quickly and with no blocks. My favourite one was the site proclaiming “God makes sense!”. I want to go on a rant about how atheism is the complete opposite of occult but because you are reading this blog I will assume you already agree with me there.

The madness doesn’t stop there. The Skeptics Guide to the Universe and Geologic podcast sites are also blocked from view by the same asshat at head office. In closing, YAY FOR EDUCATION.



  1. Jesus Christ! The Atheist Experience, blocked? That’s pushing it a bit far. But I’m even more shocked by the Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe. They try to take as much of a neutral stance on religion as possible on their show, and yet they still get blocked? (I’m assuming for “occult” as well) If not for occult though, what? “Science”? “Rationality”? “Awesomeness”?

  2. Oh, you should also send the Atheist Experience guys an email about this. They might feature it on the next show, if you’re lucky. You may even get free publicity!

    • Jovial and jocular
    • Posted August 6, 2008 at 1:24 am
    • Permalink

    This is a travesty – I am outraged!

  3. Gidday there from across the ditch,

    I’ve started an Atheist Music Blog.

    There’s already 1,000 plus Atheist Songs & Pro-Science Songs listed for the 1st time in the one place.

    Let’s have some more Aussie content, eh.

    Cheers there.

    PAUL from Christchurch.

  4. Wow. I just saw this mentioned on the Atheist Experience website. That sucks bigtime.

    Is there a way to get that changed, I wonder?

  5. I complained like a whiny little bitch to the office at my campus. The coordinator is working on getting this sort of content unblocked. I also found that skepticality is blocked too :(.


  6. Hey Paul!

    Thanks for commenting, I’ll check that out soon!


    • Pinko
    • Posted August 9, 2008 at 5:26 am
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    Just stumbled over here from the AE blog.

    That is some ridiculous bullshit. I know nothing about Australian free expression laws and such, but if it were me, here, I would feel comfortable raising hell until whatever bible thumper is responsible for that has to cough up some answers.

    Please, continue to raise hell and try to get it changed.

    • podblack
    • Posted August 10, 2008 at 12:58 am
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    Not surprised.

    People wonder why ‘oh, can’t we get skepticism into schools??’ – well, this is actually a significant hurdle.

    I couldn’t get Youtube vids. Had to print out sites my students couldn’t see, because of such blocks. Brought my own dvds to school, because one other teacher thought that ‘we can’t have them thinking too much, so I’d prefer that video wasn’t in the library’ (didn’t stop them touting Harry Potter though… huh?).

    Internet censorship does have its place but it does limit what educators can do when blanket approaches apply.

    …just don’t get me started on the dragging feet when getting access to electronic resources, updating, network support or even just getting training in using computer software for teachers, we’ll be here all year… :/

  7. Interesting. I see that we at Geologic HQ are in excellent company at least. George Hrab is in the Galapagos with JREF for the next week. When I give the Maestro a full report on his return, I’ll be sure to put this in my queue of items of interest.

    Thanks for the post.

    Ms. Information for the Geologic Universe

  8. @podblack I agree with you. As a student it is highly frustrating that I can’t get to sites that promote skeptical thinking, while Christian and other religious sites are easily accessed. Tagging a skeptical site as “occult” is the sort of thing that screams AGENDA and sets off alarm bells instantly.

    @Ms. Information. Thanks for dropping by. I am so envious of Geo…I want to go to the Galapagos :(. But alas it cannot be due to my student status and my empty wallet.

    • Jovial and jocular
    • Posted August 11, 2008 at 12:05 am
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    I’m not convinced that we should be jumping to the “agenda/conspiracy” conclusion or even that “bible thumpers” are necessarily to blame. Based on little evidence, the simpler explanation is more likely to be incompetence or basic ignorance of what certain terms mean, or even automated filter software detecting false positives.

    This sort of thing certainly deserves correcting – but I’m just warning against throwing accusations around based on assumptions.

  9. @jovial and jocular. I actually looked into what you said today at tafe. It turns out that the school gets their content blocker program from microsoft (I think they use a microsoft server too). This brings up the issue of, why are microsoft blocking these sites anyway?

    These admin tools come with preset blocks but it also allows admins to add to the list as well. I know that Geologic podcast and the skeptics guides have been added within the last year but The Atheist Experience may well have always been blocked.

    That being said, I still think that the school should review its blocks. The blocking of educational critical thinking content is not on what ever the circumstances.

  10. Hey Elliot,

    What a great response! Great publicity for your blog too. I wonder if the Hrabster really will mention you in an upcoming episode… That would be awesome.

    • Shaded Spriter
    • Posted August 22, 2008 at 4:57 am
    • Permalink

    Wow…that is blocking almost all the Skeptical podcasting I listen to.

    Couple you check (if the block is still up) if “Dogma Free America” is blocked…as far as I can think of that is the only one which isn’t (Also None-Prophets hasn’t been mentioned…the other podcast the AE guys do.)

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