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Cpt Dis

A lot of the time when people think about the personalities assosiated with skepticism and the skeptical community they think of cynical bearded old men stewing away grumpy at the world. While this is obviously a stereotype some of the most notable skeptics are in fact, bearded old men. For example, the venerable James Randi fits the description well (how ever I don’t think he is cynical).

Many skeptical minds are young and fresh and looking for a younger image to follow so I think it’s about time we broke that old sterotype and kicked it out on its arse. A new image is what we need and someone who is helping to change the mold is Cpt Disillusion.

Basically, Cpt Disillusion makes debunk videos and posts them on youtube. But in a modern twist, he uses this chance, of a large young audience, to debunk other youtube videos that are in the spotlight. So far he has debunked things such as the penguin slap, the Haiti UFO and the “man on Mars”. He dedicates each episode to one topic and then, through the use of video manipulation and CGI know how, debunks each video!

What is great about this guy is how he uses special effects and technology to make the skeptic world more attractive to younger viewers. Not only does the show look great, it’s actually very funny too!

Please check out his videos on youtube and see for yourself.

(Thanks to the Swift newsletter and James Randi for bringing this guy to my attention.)




    • anonymous
    • Posted April 3, 2008 at 8:36 pm
    • Permalink

    After reading your blog i went and checked out ‘Captain Disillusion’. One of his tapes that he debunked “Gas Station Ghost” was actually a video i viewed about a month ago. Surprisingly, everything he said made sense and i couldnt believe that this was even aired on tv. Just goes to show the amount of crap that they put and the amount of people that would believe this! Im glad there are people like Captain Disillusionto save us from this bullshit!

  1. I checked out his videos: they’re really, really good. They’re professionally made and obviously a lot of work goes into making them. I reckon it would make a great TV show, if a network got interested enough to produce it. A show like this would be a great way to get more children into the skeptical mindset at an early age.

    • Stan
    • Posted March 31, 2009 at 5:24 pm
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    James Randi refuse himself to show the prove i have for him. And generally finish all his communication by a proud and juvenile “GROW UP”. Vulgar, pretentious, and who love to “fight” with young imaginative people or new age apes (sorry) ONLY.

    So, the constest is open too all, yes, but only i have all your chance the fail the test, before do it. Otherwise he simply refuse.

    It’s not Cpt Disillusion, just an old men you have choosen a strange mediatic retirement as “mission”.
    I will approach other “Sckeptics” movements, and expect far more from them.

  2. whhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? maybe he refused to speak with you because he has no idea what you are talking about. I assume english is not your first language.

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