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Now I know this isn’t my usual sort of post but I feel so passionately about this that I had to blog about it. Please, for the love of Zeus, DO NOT…SEE…MEET THE SPARTANS! Please. I beg you. I was foolish enough to go see this atrocity because a friend said it was funny. It’s not, not even one joke. Usually, I will laugh at stupid, random humour, but this movie fails even at the most stupid gags. It’s not even funny in that “Oh that is SO not funny” lame way. You will cringe if you see this film.

Not only is it not funny, it’s fairly homophobic and racist. Almost every scene has a line saying someone is gay, or someone saying “fo shizzle” or having a break dance battle. They even go as far as to have a “skit” of the Spartans vs an African American “Yo Mumma” joke team. I won’t go into the story to much because it’s really not worth it, nor is it worth explaining anymore of the jokes. All I will say is that the makers of Meet the Spartans believe it is funny to completely remake whole scenes from 300 and not even add a joke into it, to blatantly insult African Americans and to directly make fun of gay people.

If you’re thinking, “Gee, I really liked Scary Movie. I might like Meet the Spartans.” NO! You won’t! Do not risk the embarrassment of being spotted seeing this film and do not give anymore money to these “film makers”. They deserve a kick in the teeth for this HORRIBLE movie! Never before have I walked out of a movie until I saw Meet the Spartans.

Usually I wouldn’t say this, but please, take my word for it, DO NOT SEE THIS FILM!

p.s This obviously isn’t a skeptical post, but it is my duty as a human being to alert the unwitting about this film. It is your duty also, to heed my warning and never ever ever hand over money and see this film…ever. Ever! OK, I’m done.



  1. From what I saw in the trailer… there was one major thing that has prevented me from seeing the movie and that is the glorification of that fool Chris Croker. Apart from that it looked way too random for my liking. I’m with you Skelliot without even seeing it.

  2. “for the love of Zeus”

    He he this is one I am also using quite often!

    Skelliot, got your point, we will not see the film. I always hated this kind of stupid comedies anyway. They add nothing and they contain no humour whatsoever. Unfortunately, over the last couple of decades, stupidity has become synonymous with humour in the film industry…

  3. I don’t mind the occasional silly flick, but meet the spartans is an abomination. These film makers make these films because they can’t make their own original films. Not only do they insult our intelligence with such pathetically weak gags, they recycle other peoples content and pass it off as their own, and do it poorly.


    • Posted March 3, 2008 at 3:01 am
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    MADNESS. yeah the movie looks shit lah

  4. lol, thought it looked shit from the get go. I hope you got ur cash back on that ticket. These types of movies have never really appealed to me either.

    • mizzy
    • Posted March 27, 2008 at 10:43 am
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    if you didnt laugh at the movie then from what world did you come from that movie had me laughing

  5. I guess I come from the planet where insulting, immature and tired comedy is not actually funny. The only reason I ever “laughed” during the movie was due to the pure embarrassment of spending money and seeing the movie.

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