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back to school

It’s nearly that time of year again! It’s time for that inevitable trudge back through the snow and sleet of an Australian summer to our place of learning of choice. Back to school for us youthful folk (and some older folk too). Unlike many youngsters I am very excited to be heading back. There are many things to try, absorb and learn and we should all be keen to get back into it! I know this sounds nerdy but what can be more cool and rewarding than knowledge.

I have very few regrets, but one I do hold however, is that I do not have unlimited time to study. We can’t stay students forever (and still be a responsible member of society). Over the past few years I have had a growing passion for science (this is obvious if you have been reading my blog) and I wish that I could pursue a science related occupation someday. While upholding and crusading for the laws of the W3C is an admirable job (I am currently training as a web developer) there is something so tempting and sexy about science and logical thinking.

For all those people who are in a science based course I truly envy you. And for all of us who are not lets take a leaf out of our sciency brethren’s book and promise to be honest with ourselves this year and think skeptically! Question your teachers when you think it is warranted, question yourselves and question your peers! Lets make this school year a particularly productive one for young people thinking skeptically.

Good luck with your studies everyone.

p.s Keep an eye out this year for the Young Australian Skeptics site that I will be building. 🙂



    • Michael Hatzi
    • Posted January 23, 2008 at 3:04 am
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    Going back to Uni will be another great year of experience, although the lazy nature that exists within every human being is crying out for more holidays. Thankfully, there is a little over 3 weeks to go yet.

    Your comment “We can’t stay students forever” all depends on how you view it. You can’t be a student forever in a sense that you cannot keep doing a Physics course at University to learn more and more. But you could effectivley become a student ‘forever’ by achieving that Science degree, and using it to allow you to become a first hand researcher in that field of science.

    University lecturers (at least at the University of Newcastle – which is far from the best I am sure) every couple of years are given a year off for research purposes, to update and further their knowledge in the subject. I have seen this firsthand as some courses required for my Environmental Science and Management Degree (Jealous much?) this year were not available, as the only lecturer who could present them is away for the year researching. In his Biology-related field, it could be his requirement to assess the biodiversity of a particular area, or perhaps study a new found species of bird or frog.

    On a side note, it is great to see that when I question even some Environmental Philosophers on their claims of fact on particular subjects (way to go Skeptical thinking), that they can source their statements based on information received from their own first hand research. I really respect these Scientists, and I have the privilege (although I am paying for it) to be educated with their hard-earned knowledge.

    I understand this may be one of those “If you can’t do, teach,” occupations, but there are many more that require your constant delving into the unknown; looking for more and more knowledge within your specialty. One big example I can think of off hand is Medical Science. New cures are being researched and found all the time, with bigger projects such as a cure for cancer calling for more people with brilliant minds to their field. You could become famous and revered, and not to mention extremely wealthy. Though, if that is your motivation then I imagine you would not get very far. But thats another discussion.

    So don’t fret Sir Elliot, your future may not be as unfulfilling to your dreams and desires as you perhaps thought. You have the potential to do great things.

    Thanks for the read mate.


  1. I too went back to the classroom this past week. Albeit not at an educational facility, I undertook a 4wd practical course and a coal quality and preparation course for work. Education of almost all types have some sort of science to it. You could say my 4wd course was heavily physics based.

    As for the future, I still hope one day to go back to uni and do a masters in geochemistry. Perhaps even become Dr Leopold some day.

    For all of those skelliot readers out there, Ralph Emerson once said “There is no knowledge that is not power”. Knowledge does not have to come from classroom or from designated courses. You dont need to tell your brain “ok, learning from….NOW”. Pay attention to your surroundings. Dont just flounder through life looking at your shoes. Learn all you can while you can.

    Good luck Elliot and Hatzi…. you’ll have a great year\life ahead 😀

    • skelliot
    • Posted January 23, 2008 at 8:46 pm
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    Yes, your both right. We may not be able to be a student for our whole lives in the societal way, but we can be a student in that we can keep learning all our lives and soak up everything we come in contact with. All the while keeping a skeptical view point of course.


    • podblack
    • Posted January 28, 2008 at 2:37 pm
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    Nice post! May I enter this one in for the Skeptic’s Circle? Due date is today…

    • skelliot
    • Posted January 29, 2008 at 3:57 pm
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    Sorry, I just got your comment today (29th). I had a big day yesterday and I haven’t been around my computer. I am gonna take a break from writing for a week before tafe starts so I’ll enter my next post.


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