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Well, that’s another year done and gone. This year has been a big one for Australians. We have a new Prime Minister and government and I am eager to see how they will act in the coming years. Although I am pleased that Howard is no longer our PM every cloud has a silver lining and it seems as though we have replaced one religious apologist with another!

Recently there was an article that was originally published in the Herald Sun about a certain branch of Christians, Catch the Fires Ministries, blaming the drought on godless sinners. (special thanks to CJ’s Skeptical World for bringing this article up in his podcast. The article can be found here. His podcast is in my blogroll so have a click and check it out.)

While this is ridiculous in it’s own right what is a whole lot more ridiculous is the people that support this group. While it is almost elementary that John Howard was a prominent supporter of this group it is shocking (only slightly) to find out that Mr Kevin Rudd has links with this ministry and even sent a personal video message to one of their congregations at Festival Hall.

All I can do when I hear this is sigh. What are we in for in the next four years? No doubt another four years of a continued religiously apologetic climate and another four years where increasing fundamentalism will be encouraged. I wonder if we will ever be a secular country, my hunch is that we won’t for some time to come.

On a lighter note, the coming year has a lot of exciting things to offer us. Hopefully we can win a few battles against dogmatic nonsense and crazy pseudoscientific claims which batter us everyday. Good luck in the New Year everyone and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster bless you with his noodly appendage




  1. In all honesty, and I hate to sound like a stereotypical political skeptic, no matter who gets into the PM seat, there’s a fair chance they will choose to support minority radical groups, if not only for the votes, because in effect they are treated as a god\leader\messiah. Everybody loves being worshiped.

    As for being a secular nation, it’s a perfect idea, but you start treading ground that sounds a lot like these religious freaks…. support what we want and nothing else. To me having these weaker people who need the support of a cult to help them in life only makes me feel stronger inside knowing that I am powerful enough to support myself. I dont need imaginary beings to keep me living comfortably.

    The pseudo scientific crap that is around is no different to the advertising campaigns that smoking\alcohol\home gym\dieting companies put on tv. They feed on someone who has a weak point and is looking for an easy way out. Being an overweight guy would suggest I’d fall for a quick weightloss scheme. However I have to will power to realize it’s all a load of shit. People arent forced into these pseudo scientific fads…. they choose to be part of it. The supporters are just as bad as the initiators.

    I guess that’s enough from me… happy new year everybody!

    • Lynette
    • Posted January 6, 2008 at 4:38 am
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    I think you both make great points. I am however finding myself compelled to defend people that are drawn to cult-like groups because of their own faultrs and weaknesses.

    I came out of a cult-like religion, the Brethren, not too long ago and i feel sympathy for the people that have allowed themselves to be sucked in by the words of a charismatic leader and don’t believe that they are strong enough to leave and look after themselves.

    The supporters are by no means as bad as the initiators. People that initiate these kinds of groups are incredibly clever and manipulative people and need to trap people into worshipping them to inflate their own egos. They ruin their followers lives without even thinking anything of it. How can that be even vaguely excusable.

    Happy New Year

    x Lynette

    • skelliot
    • Posted January 6, 2008 at 11:55 am
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    Thanks for posting Lynette. It takes a lot of mental strength to sever ties with such controlling authorities but congratulations on your awakening ;).

    However, what I was trying to say in this article is that merely by people being even slightly religious, by this I mean even just saying “I am Christian” sets a climate that makes it alright for the even more extreme religious views to exist.

    It’s like a ramp of acceptance. As we get more and more desensitized these extreme views become even more accepted.


    • Kyle
    • Posted January 7, 2008 at 1:00 pm
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    Send them all to Tasmania.

    Then we can bomb that island and be free of its clutches.

    Seriously though, religion seems to be growing at an alarming rate and today’s generation, inwhich I could partially include myself is just being corrupted by dribble.

    I can see this being a repetitive topic but aslong as religion is involved it will just become a repetitive factor in every human problem.

    I was watching the new’s tonight and it showed a war turmoiled Kenya and it went on to talk about how a local church was burnt down. The reporter speaks as if they are criminals, but the real criminals are the christian people who have brought these foreign concepts to people who are weak and in need of faith and they are being exploited.

    The spell checker fixes christian to Christian.

    What a crock.

  2. Right back at you for the mention here.

    Yours is one of the places I always come to when I’m looking for news items to discuss.

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